Rondi Nunn, L.Ac. RYT 200

Hello There! Thank you for your interest in traditional medicine.

As an acupuncturist, I am first and foremost a healthcare provider.   My primary focus is understanding patient’s medical, health, and wellness goals, and from there finding clinical and lifestyle solutions. 

In addition to clinical treatments, we will utilize stress management techniques, diet shifts, accessible exercise/movement options, and meditation/breath work. 

Over the years (over 12 of those in the world of bodywork and holistic medicine), I’ve re-trained myself to make more healthy lifestyle choices, and have learned how to help others do the same. 

I will meet you where you are today, together we can look at your goals and objectives. Whether you want your knee to feel better, or you want to develop a new relationship with food, we can work together to figure out what that looks like for you. 

In case you are curious, becoming an acupuncturist requires a bachelors degree, and the completion of a 4 year master’s in science program. The knowledge acquired includes both Western medicine theory and clinical knowledge, as well as extensive anatomy & physiology, Eastern medical and philosophical knowledge, the learning of a huge herbal pharmacopoeia (over 450 plant medicines), energetic medicine and physical medicine. 

I am also an extensively trained massage therapist, yoga instructor, and life-long meditator.

I enjoy spending time with friends and family, good food, regular exercise, travel and learning! I am extremely fortunate to have found my passion in life early, and am dedicated to my personal and professional growth.

I truly look forward to assisting anyone on their path, without you, the patient, I can’t learn! 

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. I mean it when I say that this medicine should be accessible, I welcome the opportunity for any community work.

Yours in health and wellness,


Additional areas of clinical training

Functional whole food nutrition
Community and outreach acupuncture 
PranaVinyasa yoga certified instructor
Accessible yoga 
Yoga Nidra Level II certification
Dr. Tung method for treating pain
Auto-immune disorders of the nervous system ( M.S., Stroke, Epilepsy)
Bodywork certification from the Institute for Psycho-Structural Balance


Clinical areas of treatment

Acupuncture medicine addresses the entire mind/body as one system, and therefore many illnesses or imbalances can be positively affected. Here are some common clinical areas of treatment:

General Wellness
Recent or past injury
Chronic illness
System imbalance such as:
Digestive discomfort/irregularity


For more information on acupuncture:
World Health Organization
Pacific College of Oriental Medicine list of treatable disorders