New Patients

New patient Integrative Acupuncture visit: 90 minutes $120 

New patients are welcome attend small group classes. 


New Patient FAQ

Do you accept FSA or HSA?


How does acupuncture work?

This article offers a thorough explanation of how acupuncture influences the body’s systems:

How many treatments will I need?

A series of 3 initial acupuncture treatments is often prescribed, after which treatment frequency is reduced. Ultimately treatment should be received on a preventative bases every 4-8 weeks to mitigate stress and prevent new issues from arising. 

Holistic medicine consultations are scheduled according to your personal needs.

Does acupuncture hurt? How will I feel after the treatment

No. Sensations are to be expected and are a sign that the body is responding to the treatment. However pain is not a part of the process. 

Reactions to treatment vary greatly, some experience immediate relief, for others the symptoms may increase (generally a good sign, that the body is working on healing itself). If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever after treatment contact me. 


Do you offer any discounted treatment options?

I offer “buddy treatments” for returning clients. You and a friend will be treated concurrently! It’s a fun and effective way to receive treatment while mitigating cost. The fee for “buddy” treatments are $50 each for 60 minutes, $75 each for 90 minutes. 

I also offer community style group acupuncture/meditation sessions that are $25 and last 60 minutes.