Medical MicroNeedling

Firms and tones skin, minimizes scars and wrinkles! 

Hydrates and regenerates!

Inclusive microneedling treatment. Peel, clincal microneedling, masque, personalized serum, spf. You will be numbed for this service to minimize discomfort. Clinical (sometimes called medical, microneedling) is collagen induction therapy, reaching deeper than cosmetic microneedling to have a more profound effect on the skin.


$69 for each additional area

Acupuncture Face-lift

Lifts and tones skin, especially chin and eye area!

Minimizes wrinkles and lines!

Improves fullness and gives you a glow!

7 treatment series. Detailed needling protocols and unique massage technique for incredible results. This is a form of collagen induction therapy, in addition it encourages regeneration and renewal based on the principles of acupuncture.  Treatment includes custom hydration treatment 🙂

$799 for 7 treatments

Inside Serene Orchid Wellness Spa at 1008 West Garden Street, Pensacola FL 32502