Integrative Acupuncture

90 minute $150

60 minute $120

Acupuncture with the following modalities integrated as appropriate: adjunctive therapies such as moxibustion & gua sha, cupping, stretching, breath work/meditation, herbal medicine, holistic wellness coaching including food therapy. 

*For new patient office visits; We will discuss your current treatment needs and long term goals and then use the above mentioned treatment options to best address your current presentation.


* Herbal medicine prescriptions are between $25 and $50 per month

Highly personalized treatment plans & lifestyle guidance

One step at a time equals lasting change.
To create lasting therapeutic effects, and sustainable lifestyle shifts, we will employ the following steps:


Introduction to meditation, movement, dietary considerations. 

Implementing meditation, movement, & diet shifts in an accessible, sustainable way.

Seeking out new activities, cuisines, stress management techniques and  meditation practices that resonate with you personally, 


Continuing to revisit these steps as you evolve as an individual, or as new life challenges become present