Holistic Wellness

Highly personalized treatment plans & lifestyle guidance

One step at a time… equals lasting change.

To create lasting therapeutic effects, and sustainable lifestyle shifts, we will employ the following steps.

Introduction: Introduction to meditation, movement, dietary considerations. 
Integration: Implementing meditation, movement, and dietary changes  in an accessible and sustainable way
Evolution: Seeking out new activites, cuisines, stress management techniques and  meditation practices that resonate with you personally, 
Sustenance: Continuing to revisit these steps as you evolve as an individual, or as new life challenges become present.

Holistic Wellness Treatments 

Address health concerns, relieve stress, improve quality of life & support healthy living.

30min Traditional Cupping


Pack of (3) $150

Traditional cupping treatment

90min Integrative Acupuncture


Pack of (3) $450

Acupuncture + co-Modalities
Wellness coaching: Stretching/movement protocols, breathe & meditation practices, food as medicine

All sessions rest on the foundation of therapeutic goals and include easy breathing and meditation techniques, allowing you to gain the most from your session.

Acupuncture, bodywork and additional modalities such as cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, e-stim, and aromatherapy are included as appropriate.

Most patients come in for an office visit 1x month and utilize lifestyle goals (as discussed during the treatment) to create change in the interim.

Frequent treatments may be necessary for a limited period of time.


***New Patient 90min Integrative Acupuncture treatment $120. ***

 I offer sliding scale rates, and professional discounts.

Acupuncture, Cupping, Direct Moxa & Hot Stones
Full Back Cupping, with Acupuncture & Moxa