Therapeutic and Intuitive Therapy

I draw from several modalities! Meditative techniques, acupressure, meridian clearing, aromatherapy, gua sha, cupping, moxibustions, acupuncture, various massage techniques, joint mobilization. I use topical herbs, essential oils, and organic oils, heat and cold, as well as liniments. 

I provide energetic balancing through the manipulation of the physical body to treat at a profound level. I utilize full spectrum massage (light to deep) as appropriate for you. 

$80 per hour

$20 B-12 Injectio


How to live a well balanced life

This topic has been complicated by pop culture. Here are 5 simple principles to empower you to live a healthy, balanced, full life.

Eat good food

Move your body 

Calm your mind

Love the people and world around you

Seek therapeutic treatment (ie massage, yoga, chiro, acupuncture)  for prevention